Meltdown at Hershey!

If a serious meltdown ever occurs at the nuclear power plant near Harrisburg, PA,               the nearby Hershey plant in Hershey, Pennsylvania would be impacted by the                     nuclear explosion.

Can you imagine, the heat being so intense (5000 degrees plus), that the Hershey chocolate bars would melt down into a fiery lava type flow of bubbling chocolate running like a river for miles around?

Also, once the plant cooled down and the chocolate cooled, there would be a layer              of chocolate fudge for miles around.  Maybe even sweetened by sugar, for sugar               does melt too.  But the chocolate fudge would be so radioactive that no one could           ever eat it.

Way down deep below the hardened layer of chocolate could still be a flow of                    molten chocolate.  So hot that it may spew out like a volcano or a geyser-like                       “Old Faithful” thus creating a new tourists attraction for Pennsylvania.

It could be called “Geyser Hershey.”  Tourists would be allowed to view the chocolate geyser and the miles of chocolate at the new “Fudge National Park.” But, the tourists would have to wear protective clothing to be able to view the radioactive chocolate bed and geyser.

Then Hershey, Pennsylvania would have to be renamed “Fudgeville, Pennsylvania.”

News alerts are reporting bubbling hot flows of chocolate everywhere.  Tremors are radiating out from chocolate ground zero for hundreds of miles.

In the nation’s capitol, barricades are in place all along Pennsylvania Avenue.  Bubbling chocolate is flowing along all curbs around Capitol Hill.  In New York, transit officials report that torrents of chocolate are pushing through subway tubes and that chocolate has now entered the hub terminal at Grand Central Station.

Down south, the Blue Ridge Parkway has become a chocolate reservoir and a new “Chocolate Falls” has been created due to a spill over of chocolate near Asheville. Further south, in Georgia, a flash flood of chocolate moving south covering every peach, every peanut and every piece of cotton in it’s path.  Every hen in the hen house is covered in chocolate and each of their eggs are chocolate covered too.  Hey Florida!  Coming your way.  How about a chocolate covered flamingo?

Enough chocolate?  I think I better stop before my chocolate imagination runs away with me.  Geyser Hershey!  I really like it.  Now, that would really be something to see.

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