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The Imaginary Chicken

The Chicken Coop Cafe                                                                                                                                          “We Got All The Chickens Here.  Even You!”

Ester and Edson Bok enter the waiting area of the Chicken Coop.  Ester is dressed in a brown feathered chicken vest with a side cap upon her head with a red crown crest from front to back.  She is wearing  large circular red framed glasses with a very thick lens.  She is short and plump just like a hen.  Edson is a slimmed built man dressed in a yellow tee with the image of a red rooster across it’s front. He is wearing tattered blue jeans.

“Hello, welcome to The Chicken Coop. How many in your party?” said Trudy. “There are three of us.  A table by the window, please,” said Ester as she raises up her head, looks to the left, then to the right, and blinks her eyes. “All I see are the two of you.  Where is the third in your party?” said Trudy with a puzzled stare at Ester. “Oh, she’s right here.  You don’t see her, but she is here,” said Ester as she blurts out a “bok, bok, bok.” “I see you have a leash. One of those stiff plastic ones with a collar at it’s end.  Are you bringing a pet in here?  Pets are not allowed by order of the health department,” said emphatically by Trudy.

“Well, no one can see it.  So, it really doesn’t matter.  It’s my imaginary chicken, a perfect place for her to dine.  She’s a guest just like us.  We are family, aren’t we Edson?”  “Yes, we are family,” as he looks at the hostess with a blushed red face.  Quietly he asked, “Can you please seat us now? Over there by the window.” “Okay, follow me party of three,” said Trudy as she rolls her eyes, then looks back at the leash to ensure there’s no chicken there. “Your server will be right with you.”

“I’m your server, Thelma.  What may I get for you to drink?”  Edson said, “Just water for me.”  “And you, ma’am, a beverage for you?”  “A Bok-A-Cola, please.”  Server to Ester,           “I don’t believe we have that, but we do have a cola available, it’s called ‘Fizzy Fizz.”   Ester cackles a laugh then said, “It’s the same one.  I just like to call it that since this is a chicken coop.”  “Okay, I’ll be right back.  Here’s our menu for you to browse. Let me move this chair to give you more space.”  Ester to server, “please, no, there’s another guest seated there.”   Thelma replys, “really?  I don’t see anyone.”  “Yes,  she’s there, but you can’t see her. She’s my imaginary chicken.”  “Okay, imaginary chicken, what will you have to drink?”  “Oh, she doesn’t speak.  I have to order for her.  She will have just a plain glass of water.”  “I’ll be right back, and here’s a menu for the imaginary chicken to peruse.”  “That won’t be necessary, she can’t read because she can’t see.  I will order for her.”

“I love this side by the window.  A view of the chicken yard shaded by a large oak tree.           I seen some hens pecking at the mash and drinking from a water basin in the center of the yard. Don’t you see them, Edson?”  “Ester, there are no hens there, only a bird bath in a courtyard shaded by a tree.” “Aha, a bird bath.  A chicken is a bird, so they must be there somewhere.”  “Ester, there are no chickens there.”  “Okay, I’ll just pretend they are there.  All imaginary chickens.”

“There it is again.  The chicken, don’t you see it?” said Ester. “I don’t see a chicken.  It must be invisible,” said Edson. “You have to imagine to see it. Ed, you do know what a chicken looks like, don’t you? Listen. It’s tapping it’s beak on the window pane.”  “Tap, tap, tap.”  “Don’t you hear it?” as she taps her nail on the lower pane.  “I don’t hear anything but the sound of you tapping your nail on the window pane,” said Edson as he laughs with a cackle.  Ester thinking to herself,  I think there’s something wrong with Edson. He doesn’t see or hear the chicken. But a chicken has no brain. Maybe he doesn’t either. I’m getting a little worried about him. 

“Imagination is thinking of something that’s only inside your mind.  Let’s see, think yo-yo.  What do you see?”  said Ester hoping for Edson to see something that isn’t there.  “I seen a clear yellow yo-yo with someone spinning it.  Maybe it’s me.  Actually,  I like orange.  I will make it a clear orange with sparkles of gold glitter inside.  I can see it,” said Ed with excitement. “I think you’re getting it.  You can see it inside your mind.  It’s imagination.  I may not see it, but you do.  It’s invisible to me.  Your description of it makes me see it in my mind.  You do  have imagination,” said Ester with delight.  “Just maybe I can imagine.  Never thought about seeing things in my mind that really don’t exist, but with my imagination they are real to me,” said Edson with a ponder of thought.

“Some of the most creative people have a vivid imagination. An artist can imagine a scene or person to paint.  Artists identify with their art because it is an expression of themselves.  Usually an artist paints with passion and feeling.  Those who view it can interpret it for what they see and what they feel.  That’s what’s cool about art,” said Ester.

“Another way to imagine is to compose music.  Many famous composers, like Handel and Bach, were able, with imagination, to write a score of music inspired by the divine, I think.  Such a gift.  Music is the creation of sound that touches the soul. Sound can generate emotion in those who hear it.  Musicians compose with passion and feeling.”

Thelma the server returns with their meals.  “All chicken meals, as you requested.  Chicken a la King for you, sir.  Mrs Bok, Chicken Alfredo for you, and an imaginary bowl of chicken broth for your imaginary chicken.  Would you like a soup spoon to feed your chicken?”   Ester to server, “Oh yes, please.” Edson to Ester, “An absolutely king of a chicken.”  “My Chicken Alfredo is so delightful,” said Ester.  And to the imaginary chicken,  Ester said, “I see you are enjoying your soup. Here’s another spoonful.  Imaginary chicken responds, “bok, bok, bok.”

Ester said to lady at table across from them. “So glad you have your imaginary chicken with you.  Don’t you see it? ”  Patron responds, ” No I don’t and you are doodles.  Now, please mind your business and leave me alone.”  Ester responds, “Well, be that way, you have no imagination.  But the chicken is there.”  “Harvey, let’s leave.  This woman is cackling crazy.”

Edson thinking to himself, Ester is starting to get out of control.  I got to get her out of here before it gets worse.  If we stay longer, she will disrupt the whole place.  Let’s see if she can get control of herself.   “Edson, it’s happening.  I feel the urge to be a chicken.  I must do it,”said Ester in a panic.   Ester drops down from her chair to the floor.  While on her knees, she begins to bob her head up and down like a hen picking up feed.  She blurts out a “cluck, cluck, cluck.”  She begins to move across the floor of the cafe picking up feed.  She lets out a couple of cackles, then continues to bob her head down to the floor.  She raises up her head, she blinks her eyes, then looks to the left, then to the right.  She cackles again.

Manager aproaches Edson and said, “She has disrupted the dining of everyone here. Please get control of her.”  Edson walks across the room, bends down and speaks to Ester,  “The doctor said to stay in the present.  You can get control of these impulses.”  Ester continues with her disruptive behavior.  Edson said to Ester, “We need to leave.  You are out of control.”  He grabs Ester’s arm and pulls her up to stand.  “Now, let’s go.”  He begins to escort Ester out the door.  She said to Edson, “Where is my leash?  Where is my imaginary chicken?”  “It’s all in your head.  All in your head.”