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French Toast and Scrambled Eggs

“Scrambled eggs and white toast.  That’s how I like my order.  No other way.”              “Scrambled eggs and wheat toast.  That’s how I like my order.  No other way.”                           “Scrambled eggs with French toast sprinkled with powderded sugar.                                  That’s how I like my order. No other way.”                                                                                          “Scrambled eggs an a bagel with cheese.  That’s how I like my order.  No other way.”

“What did you say?”  “Scrambled eggs and bagel with cheese.”  “Never heard of it.  You can check with Herman’s Doughnuts next door.  He sells everything.  I believe he does have that bagel doughnut.  He just placed out all his fresh doughnuts and pastries.  Go quickly while they are fresh.  I’m sure the two bagel doughnuts are still there waiting for you.  He has cream cheese, too.  Have a good day, sir.”

“Ma chérie, comment vas-tu?  Sweetheart, how are you today?    I have a special request.  I’ll have two scrambled eggs on a French toast sandwich.  Then a swirl of  ice cream custard on top drizzled with caramel.”  “How did you come up with that one?  It’s not on our menu, but I do like the sound of it.  Let me see what I can do.” “Hey, Harvey,  I have a special request.  Scrambled eggs on French toast topped with ice cream.  Can you do?” “Let me see, Lucille.  Hold on.”

While Harvey is searching for a bag of frozen French toast and ice cream,  Cile asked customer, “How fancy do you want your eggs?  We only have scrambled, but we can fancy them up for you.” “Two fluffy scrambled eggs with pecans on top.  Place the eggs on the top of a slice of French toast then place another slice of French toast on top.  That makes the sandwich.  Top it off with a swirl of ice cream custard  drizzled with caramel.” “You said you wanted ice cream, what flavor?”  A swirl of vanilla custard drizzled with caramel.” “We can do that, I think Harvey can locate the syrup somewhere.  Would you like your caramel heated?” “Oui, s’il vous plaît.” ”  What did you say?  It better be nice.  Of course, it’s served on a plate.  And no, I do not accept invitations, unless I’m tipped well.”

“Lady, may I call you Cile?  It means ‘Yes, please.'” “Yes, you can call me, Cile.  And what is your name?”  “It’s Pierre. I’m from the ‘South of France.'”  “I’m from the ‘South of Alabama’ and proud of it.”  “I can tell you are a ‘Southern Belle,’  I greatly admire you.”  “Enough flirtin’, your order is coming up. I think Harvey was able to create a new type of toast, French toast with scrambled eggs.  We have no waffles, but we do have your vanilla ice cream just what a Frenchman would like. By the way, Pierre, would you like a fresh cup of our finest ground coffee?  It’s mountain grown in Alabama.  Way up yonder in the hills.”  “Sounds great, Cile.  Ma chérie, café au lait.”  “There you go again with that fancy French talk.  How’d you like your coffee?”  “Coffee with milk.  Merci, ma chérie.  Thank you, dear.”

“Cile, you’ve spent too much time with that Frenchman.  All he’s  lookin’ for is love.  We’re here for our scrambled eggs.  I’ll have mine with white toast.  That’s how I like it.”  “Barney, I haven’t forgotten you.  He’s a guest and must be treated well. He could bring the place up to a fancy diner, particularly if I add his special order to our menu.  You’re my regulars and  I value your business, I mean your friendships.”  “Ready for my order, Cile.  Got to drive my diesel rig over the road for four days.  I need a good hearty breakfast.  Double my order of scrambled eggs and white toast and I need a fresh thermos of ‘hot to trot’ coffee.  Can you do?”  “For you, Ed, I would do anything.”  “Really, you wouldn’t want to go with me across the road, would you?  You would be great company and I have an extra bunk for you.  It’s just how the ladies like it.  Think about it before that Frenchman takes you away.  I don’t know French talk but I do know to take good care of a lady.  I have manners.”

“Lucille, I’m running late, I would appreciate if you’d put an express on my scrambled eggs and cinnamon toast.  Add a coffee, too.  Hot to trot.  I’m having a special sale today at ‘Hot Wheels.’  All model cars, 1950’s era, are half-priced today only.  At noon today, there will be a  special one hour class on how to assemble them.  At no extra charge.  We have quite a few collectors of these vintage model cars.  Tell Harvey.  Maybe young Billy might want to come along.  Something for everyone.”  “Here, Buster, ready to go.  The coffee is on the house and now you’re ‘hot to trot.'”

“Mademoiselle, mon Toast Sandwich français, s’il vous plaît.  Miss, my French Toast Sandwich, please.  I’ve been waiting a long time.” ” I know, my dear, Pierre.  I’ll get it right now.  I will make sure it’s hot and the vanilla ice cream custard is cold and then I’ll drizzle it with room temperature caramel to keep it from melting too fast. Nothing but the best for you, ‘my cherry more.’  Here it is, enjoy my love.”

“Hey, miss flirtin’ waitress, can you bring me mah order?  Lucille, this is not like you.  Scatterbrained and you put your best men folks last.  Just because of that Frenchman.   By the way,  do you know anything about him?  I think there is something very peculiar about him.  He’s dressed in combat fatigues and wearing a military beret.  Why would a military spy be so obvious?” said Edgar.  “That’s not military dress, it’s the new French casual wear for men.  It’s designer.  Plus, he is a gentleman and has manners.  Most spies are not as friendly and as open.  Just a nice and friendly guy.  A little fresh and forward, but I like it.  I’ve never had a man speak so sweet to me,” said Lucille as she wrapped her arms around herself gazing up with sparkles in her eyes.  ” You know what, Cile, I think you are mesmerized by him.  He’s got complete control of you now.  You belong to him now.”

Cile thinking to herself…Yes, I do belong to him now.  The way he talks to me.  The way his penetrating dark eyes see into my feminine mystique.  My heart is just pounding for him. Pierre, my darling, my heart awaits you to take me into your arms. Ravish me and we will build a life of espionage together.  Two spies in love. 

“Lucille, Cile!  You left us for a moment.  Are you all right?”  “I’m back, Edgar.  Just lost in a dream.”  “How about my scrambled eggs and wheat toast to go? I want them fresh please, and a cup of coffee ‘hot to trot.'”  “Here ya go, Edgar.  All there and it’s on me.  Glad to do it for you.  Enjoy your Spyday, I mean, Friday.”

In a drift, glossy eyed Cile returns to check on Pierre.  “My Pierre, how was your French Toast Sandwich?  Was it French enough?  Not freshly made, but French toast.  It  does look good.  May I have a taste?  Mmm, very good.  I must put this on our menu.  Pierre, it’s been great to meet you.  Enjoy the rest of your day.”  “Mon cherie, I want you as a friend.  I have no friends here.  I’m on special assignment.  No one must know, but I will tell you.  I’m a…”  “Please don’t tell me, Pierre, I think I already know.  It must me a tough job to do and an awfully lonely life.  You do need a friend.  I will be your friend, if that’s okay with you.”   “Of course, my dear.  I have a request of you.  May I have your hand? Will you go away with me? We can travel the world together.  That’s what I do.  I do go into some very uncomfortable situations, but I know how to get out.  That’s what spies do best.  They spy, then they leave.  Are you ready for a life of espionage?”

“Let me think for a moment, Pierre. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.  Have I found love?  He really knows how to charm a lady.  He is so considerate.  The men around here have no idea about being nice to a woman, plus they do not have the intelligence of Pierre.  Should I go?  Is this a foolish thought?  I think I must go, maybe not.  What do I have to hold me here?  Love is what I need.  We can love each other together and forever.  I must go!

“Pierre, I have made my decision.  It was a hard one to make, but I did.  I can’t.  I can’t stay here.  I must go with you.  I would never have thought that love would walk into my life. But you did and I am very happy.  Just think, this all started with scrambled eggs and white toast.   For us, it will be French Toast and Scrambled Eggs forevermore.”   Both laugh and embrace.

Je t’aime pour un moment. Je t’aime pour un jour. Je t’aime pour la vie.                                        I love you for a moment.  I love you for a day.  I love you for life.