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Painting Flowers In The Field

“What are you doing, René?”

“Peinture des fleurs dans le domaine.” “Painting flowers in the field.”

“They are beautiful.  Such a beautiful canvas.  A bit colorful with happiness. Yes, happy flowers,” said André.

“Yes, they are.  I paint what I feel.  I feel like flowers.  Yes, I’m happy.  See?  It’s an expression of me, what I feel inside.  I take what I feel and apply it to canvas.  That’s what most artists do.  Their art speaks.  It speaks to you.  Can’t you hear it?  Not yet?  OK, it will speak to you later.”

“How do you come up with these ideas, René?  I didn’t know you could paint what you feel inside.  Never thought about painting flowers in the field, but if you do it, then maybe I can imagine it,” said André.  “Yes, you can imagine it.  I always try to paint what I feel.  So, if you feel happy,  maybe you can imagine it.  You see, flowers are there for a purpose.  They are there for many reasons. They are beautiful and colorful, but I don’t know what happened to these?” laughingly said René.

“René , I do know life in color, but when it comes to feelings, I know no color.”  “Well, you see it now.  For some people, they have to imagine color, even black and white because they can’t see it.  Some call it vision impairment.  A nice way to say blind.  But what is color anyway?  Is it for real or is it an illusion that we create inside our minds?  Who knows?  Good to see you, André.  You are a colorful character.  That means you have personality.  I’ll tell you more later.  Bye for now,  my friend, I must add color to these sad flowers in the field,” said René as he smiled at André.  “OK, I will go along, as you say, and try to imagine feelings with color, but I don’t think so.”

“Hello, René.  I see you are in the artistic frame of mind,” said Michelle.  “Always, Madame.” “Hmm.  Flowers in the field, I see.  Quite fanciful with so much color,” said Michelle.  “Yes, colorful as you, I mean, beautiful as you,” said René as he applied more paint to his canvas. “Oh, so you are feeling beautiful today, René.  You are a man of romance.  I can tell.  There’s  a blush of rose in your mind,” said flirtatiously by Michelle as she brushed her fingers through her hair.  “No, they are not roses, but wildflowers of all colors and assortment.  See, a touch of color?  A little red, some yellow, maybe a touch of green and a little brown,”said René as he placed his brush down on his palette.  “So, the painting is finished and ready for me to have it?  I know it’s for me, dear René,” said Michelle .  “No, it’s not finished.  I must stop for now.  Maybe paint some more another day.”

“André, you’re back.  Are you feeling color today?”  “No color yet, René.  I feel nothing.  How can you feel and see color when all you see is sand and surf?” said André a bit puzzled. “Even at the shore, I can feel color and paint flowers in the field. I know it doesn’t make sense, but in time you will know and see color anywhere,” said René as he paints with color on his canvas.   “Should I go again, René, as you said before, since I see and feel no color?” said André with a disappointing affect. “No, no, André.  You must stay and watch as I paint.   I know the feeling and color will come to you.  You must not be sad, you will see nothing but black and white.  Look at me.  I’m happy and I can paint color,” said René with a smile.

“Hello, Michelle, you’re back.  I do not feel rosy, but earthy.  Colors of green, yellow, brown and red.  Flowers in the field, I paint.  See?”  “René, I don’t understand you.  I never feel color.  Only black and white,” said Michelle a bit perplexed as she gazes at René in wonder. “You too, feel nothing, as sad as André.  I don’t understand neither of you,” said René as he turns his head away from Michelle. “Should I go, so you can feel color?”  “Yes, please go.       I can’t be inspired with you around.  Good bye, Michelle.”  “OK, I will go, but I will never come back.  I feel nothing.   You are colorful  but I am not, René,”said Michelle as she walks away looking back at René in dismay.”  “See ya, Michelle.”

René thinking to himself, I hope they never come back.  It’s sad that they feel nothing but black and white.  I must continue with my feeling of happiness.  I must paint color.

So René continues with his brush and pulls color from his palette.  He is happy and joyful because he likes what he is doing.  Maybe others can feel happiness, if they try.  Sometimes it’s a matter of attitude.  If you can’t pull yourself up from circumstances that bring you down, a change of mind is necessary.  A positive attitude can make a difference with how you feel.  It can motivate, if you try.  Really, no one needs to stay where they are.  Maybe this painting can inspire.  I certainly hope so.  Just try to paint happiness in your mind and maybe you can see it and eventually feel it.

“Peinture des fleurs dans le domaine.”  Painting flowers in the field can make a difference.   Just try it.  Think color and maybe happiness can come to you.