Gas Station Ninja

“How long have you been a ninja?”

“My whole life,”said Vickey.

Customer responded, “Really?”

“Yup! My entire life. It all happened twenty-two years ago. I have birth parents.                    They knew there was something different about me. But couldn’t figure it out.”

“Mom and Dad witnessed my super human strength. When I was two, the family car had a flat along the highway. We had no spare, and the closest exit was five miles away, and nightfall was near.  I told Dad I could fix it in a minute.”

“All I had to do was pull the nail and seal the tire with my laser sword. Then I used the super wind power of my lungs to blow air back into the tire. Just pulled off the valve, and inflated the tire to its exact PSI and off we go.”

“We had a burglar in the neighborhood for about a week.  He had struck and robbed many households on the street. One night I saw his shadow near the window of a neighbor’s house.   A street light gave him away. I approached the silhouetted figure. He could not see me.”

“I used my mind waves to zap him of his strength, and he fell to the ground. Simply used the power of my index finger to lift him up and threw him out front to the street. He ran off quickly and was rather confused. That’s what my mind power can do.  As I told you, ninjas work by night. Again, I protect.”

“Does anybody here, at the gas station, know about you?”

“They don’t have a clue. Bill, the owner of this establishment, hired me as a clerk. He doesn’t know that I’ve been sent here to protect him for another reason.  A recent break-in here, in the night, got me this assignment.”

“Who assigned you?”

“My master.”

“And who is your master?”

“I can never tell. Ninjas can never reveal their source.”

“What do you mean, source?”

“The source, man. You don’t get it.  Only a ninja would know. This dude in line doesn’t even know it, but there are five ninjas, including me, surrounding him. He can’t see us. We stay in our shadows by day.  We are protecting him for a reason.  He is about to find out, here at this store, that he has just won the fifty million dollar lottery. He needs all the protection he can get.  He must go into hiding. We must take him there.”

“Where is there?”




“You can’t tell me?”

“Let’s say it’s somewhere you have never been or seen.  It’s a different place.  A world of our own.”

“Are there others there like you?”

“Yes, many of us.”

“All ninjas?”

“All ninjas and one master.”

“What is your mission?”

“As I said, it is to protect. There are ninjas around you, but you  can’t see them.”


“We have to remain hidden.  We are protecting you too.”

“Me, too?”

“Yes, we are.”

“Can you tell me why I need protection?”

“In time, you will know.”


“Soon, very soon.  But, we are with you at all times.  You are safe.”

“You said Bill, the owner, needs protection.”

“Everywhere Bill goes for the rest of his life, we will be in his shadow. Protecting him for a reason.  The reason, I will reveal to you, but you must never tell Bill. He will be in a low-profile position, but in a very special role. He will be the only galactic receiver of intelligence from another world.  Our world.  The ninja world.”

“Can you tell where?”

“It’s somewhere out there.”


“We can never tell.  He will know in time.  Only he will ever know.  Remember, our mission is always to protect.”

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